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A glimpse of services provided by Parker Commercial Storage


Parker Commercial Storage operates over 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse space ranging from long to short term tenants. All warehouse contracts are customized to fit our customers’ needs from complete order fulfillment to warehouse space lease only.


Bonded Storage
Parker has class 3 and 8 bonded warehouse space housing both long and short term tenants.  Imported dutiable mercandise can be stored or manipulated without payment of duty for up to 5 years from the date of importation. Imported merchandise stored in Parker's bonded warehouse can be cleaned, sorted, repacked.


CES (Centralized Exam Station)
Parker is the U.S. Customs Examination Station for the Port of Louisville.  Ship your import shipments in bond directly to Parker. A Centralized Examination Station is a warehousing operation that is equipped to unload import containers or handle import cargo under the supervision of US Government personnel. Parker makes your cargo readily available for inspection. You may be able to save money by shipping your imports in bond to Louisville. Ask about or CES rates and compare.


This is the process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another. Parker can handle your needs no matter if you require rail, truck, van, container or flatbed transloads. 


Not a problem. Parker can repackage to your needs. Need special promotional packaging? Parker will repackage to your specifications in a timely, cost-efficient manner. We repack anything from distilled spirits to industrial products.


Log loading
Parker will unload flatbeds, inventory by tag numbers, wax ends, reload onto overseas container and arrange trucking to local rail.  Log loading is done with the Parker Pak; our own invention that expedites the loading.

Cant Loading
Parker will accept banded cants and load into overseas container and arrange trucking to the rail. If you need rebanding to secure load, not a problem.


Trailer Parking
Parker has 24 hour security that records all gate activity. Parker can provide gate activity per customer. No matter if you are a single driver home for the weekend and need a place to park your trailer or if you are a trucking company that needs acreage and a secure lot to park your fleet we can provide the service you need.  


Here are other forms of services Parker provides


- Export Log loading

- Blocking and Bracing

- Order fulfilment

- Shrink-wrapping

- Labeling

- Palletization

- Stencling

- Pick and pull

- Assembly 

- Land lease

- Warehouse Lease 

-Storage rates by pallet, piece, or square foot

-Bonded warehouse storage 

-U.S. Customs and Border Protection Examination Station

-Consolidated Freight Station